Anders Olauson

President, EPF

Mr. Anders Olauson is founder, chairman and chief executive officer of the Agrenska Centre
in Sweden.

His vision behind setting up the Agrenska Centre in 1989 was his profound concern for children
affected by rare conditions and their families and the need to move towards a fairer society
that embraces and nurtures young patients rather than excludes and isolates them.
In September 2008, Mr. Olauson was appointed by the Swedish government to be a member
of the Advisory Council at The National Board of Health and Welfare. Throughout his career, Mr.
Olauson has been recognised for his work with children affected by rare conditions and their
families and his commitment to patients’ rights.

He also works closely with representatives of hospitals, education and trade unions as well
as other key players in the field of rare diseases. Mr. Olauson was instrumental in setting up the
European Patients’ Forum in 2003, and has been its President since 2005. EPF is an umbrella
organisation of 42 European and national coalitions of patients and collectively represents
their voice in EU policy debates. Mr Olauson received HM The King of Sweden’s Medal for
his valuable contributions in the field of patients’ rights in January 2010.