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“Better Science, Better Health” covers all the major topics around research and innovation in adaptive clinical pathways and patient data usage.

Latest News

Digital Citizen, Digital Patient: Estonia’s upcoming – first-ever – EU Presidency will put eHealth high on the agenda

An interview with Ain Aaviksoo, Deputy General Secretary on eServices and Innovation, Ministry of Social Affairs, Estonia.

A key aim of the Presidency is to promote Digital Europe. In eHealth the goal will be to highlight how digital technologies can contribute to the sustainability and resilience of healthcare systems.

Reinventing the European Advanced Therapies Sector: An Interview with Eduardo Bravo

Vital Transformation recently interviewed TiGenix CEO Eduardo Bravo and President of the European Biopharmaceutical Enterprises (EBE) on the implications of this lack of liquidity in Europe.

Digital Citizen, Digital Patient: How EU-funded research can drive the digitisation of health systems in Europe

An interview with Peeter Ross, professor at Tallinn University of Technology

As a participant in eight different EU projects, Peeter Ross, professor at Tallinn University of Technology, can fairly be described as a veteran of European ehealth research.

Digital citizen, digital patient: EMIF is bringing the power of numbers to dementia research

An interview with Simon Lovestone, Professor of Translational Neuroscience at Oxford University, UK

Making data repositories visible and easy to access is transforming translational research in Alzheimer’s disease. “You can answer questions you couldn’t before,” says Simon Lovestone, academic lead of the programme

Digital citizen, digital patient: EMIF makes it as good to give as to receive

An Interview with Nigel Hughes, Scientific Director, Quantitative Sciences at Janssen Research and Development

By removing barriers to data exchange, EMIF has provided potent demonstrations of the power of pooling resources in Alzheimer’s disease and metabolic disorders. These exemplars are incentivising data sharing, says Nigel Hughes

Digital citizen, digital patient: How Wearables Can Fill the Data Gaps in Orphan Drug Development

An interview with Elin Haf Davies, CEO and founder of aparito

As if the small number of patients is not enough of a hurdle, snapshot and episodic collection methods can make it impossible to amass the data needed to convince regulators and reimbursement agencies that therapies for rare diseases are effective. Wearables can help, says Elin Haf Davies, founder and CEO of aparito.

Podcast: How To Support Advanced Therapies and Breakthrough Medicines in Europe

On the occasion of the first DIA BioVenture day on 28 March 2017 in Glasgow, Menno Aarnout, Wolfgang Stoiber and EBE's Barbara Freischem discussed options for solutions to support the development and funding of Advanced Therapies and Breakthrough Medicines in Europe.