WEBINAR: Cancer prevention: what’s worth the effort?

24 November 2020,
8.30-9.00 CET

As roughly 40% of all cancers are considered preventable, prevention is high on the political agenda. Vaccination programs, environmental policies and supporting healthy lifestyles feature prominently all over the world, including within Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan.

When prevention works, it is a cost-effective element of any long-term cancer control strategy. Little is known, however, about the actual effects and causal links between preventive policies on cancer incidence, and mortality. Evidence linking prevention to verified results is scarce, and often unclear regarding which policies and programs work, and to what degree.

How strong is the case for cancer prevention? How should prevention be incorporated into national cancer plans? And ultimately, what is the role of prevention in evidenced-based health policy decision-making?



Thomas Hofmarcher
Research Manager
The Swedish Institute for Health Economics (IHE)
Nikolai Pushkarev
Policy Coordinator Food systems & NCD Prevention
European Public Health Alliance (EPHA)

Duane Schulthess
Managing Director
Vital Transformation

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