David A. Dworaczyk, Ph.D.

Director, Life and Health Sciences Strategic Development, Oracle Health Sciences

Dr. Dworaczyk has done extensive work with numerous Healthcare, Pharma, Biotech, Diagnostic and CRO focused Venture and Private Equity investment groups assessing and evaluating investment opportunities from an operational, strategic and business potential perspective. He is currently the Director of Life and Health Sciences Strategic Development at Oracle and has also served as COO for Comprehensive Clinical Development, Sr. Vice President, General Manager & COO at Generation Health/MetaDiagnostic, a start-up focused on molecular diagnostics, genomics and personalized medicine, and was COO for M2Gen, a for-profit subsidiary of the Moffitt Cancer Center. His responsibilities included leading all operational functions across multiple business units with extensive experience in genomics/biomarkers, translational medicine, patient targeted drug development and personalized medicine.

Dr. Dworaczyk has over 30-yrs of experience in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, molecular diagnostic, medical device and CRO industry where he has held senior level positions in R&D, Global Operations, Business Development (L&A/M&A), Clinical Development, Strategic Planning, Project Management and Commercial Operations. He has been directly engaged in start-up companies and turn-around situations. He has also gained expertise in Decision and Risk Analysis, has done extensive research in strategic planning, R&D portfolio management

Dr. Dworaczyk has advanced degrees in Cell and Molecular Biology and in Leadership and Business Administration.