Better Science, Better Health: New Healthcare Models

Article of Interest by DIA

Barbara Lopez-Kunz
Global Chief Executive

On behalf of DIA and the other conference supporters, I’d like to thank you for joining us at the Better Science, Better Health meeting in Washington, DC. Throughout the conference, we discussed the importance of collaboration and communication to advance today’s healthcare models. Key thought leaders from industry, global health authorities, academia, payers, and patient advocacy groups provided context for our active discussion and incited provocative, yet timely questions from attendees.

DIA’s session, Next Generation Innovations in Regulatory Science, engaged panelists and attendees in addressing the question, “Are the science of medicines development and the science of regulation progressing at an acceptable pace to ensure safe, effective, and accessible products are getting to patients?” We learned from this discussion that, while health care product development has come a long way, we still need interdisciplinary collaboration to catalyze change.

So where do we go from here? As leaders in the health care ecosystem, we must reach out find opportunities to continue the conversation through professional association meetings, publications, and online media. With that thought in mind, I am sharing a complimentary link to the November 2015 issue of DIA’s peer-reviewed journal, Therapeutic Innovation & Regulatory Science and would like to invite you to participate in our global forum as, together, we can Drive Ideas to Action.

Article of interest : Partnering With Patients in the Development and Lifecycle of Medicines: A Call for Action.