Better Science, Better Health: New Trial Pathways and Better Patient Data


New Pathways for Development and Better Patient Outcomes

New Pathways & New Sources of Evidence. What do we need?

High Quality Patient Data and MAPPs; Better Patient Outcomes, Faster and Cheaper

Blazing Trails – New Development Pathways in Action

  • Sandrine Marreaud, Head of Medical and Pharmacovigilance Department, EORTC
  • Ryan Hohman, Managing Director, Friends of Cancer Research
  • Laura Esserman, Breast Cancer Center Director (I-Spy), University of California San Francisco
  • James Anderson, Director of EU Industry & External Partnerships, GSK
  • Edward Abrahams, President, Personalized Medicine Coalition (Moderator)

Real World Evidence – What works?

The Patient’s Understanding of Benefit Risk

IMI2: Putting MAPPs Into Practice in Europe

  • Jeremy Haigh, European Chief Operating Officer, Research & Development, Amgen Ltd.

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