France – A New Method, New Framework, and New Roadmap for Improved Patient Access

20th December 2019, 9am CET

In France, it takes 530 days between market authorisation and patients having access to a new medicine. It’s 374 days in Spain, 111 in the UK, and 106 in Germany.

In this webinar we discuss the current access challenges to access to new, innovative oncology treatments in Europe, as well as reforming processes to make reimbursement pathways clearer and more efficient. The objective is to foster timely and appropriate access for those patients with unmet medical needs, and increased clarity and certainty around regulatory access decisions.


Eric Baseilhac,
Director of Economic and International Affairs,
LEEM (France)

David Watson,
Director of Commercial Policy,

Pedro Luis Sánchez,
Director Studies Department,
Farmaindustria (Spain)

Duane Schulthess,
Managing Director,
Vital Transformation

In France, The Strategic Council for the Healthcare Industries (Conseil stratégique des industries de santé: CSIS), supported by Prime Minister Édouard Philippe, has developed a government initiative in recognition of the need to improve patient access to new medicines in France, as well as boost the competitiveness of the French innovative biopharma ecosystem at large.

We will discuss the implications of this initiative, as well as other concrete examples of regulatory reforms in Spain and the UK, serving as a template for successful approaches to improved patient access.

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This webinar is the first in a series of two webinars in the run-up to the European Cancer Forum on January 28, 2020, in Brussels. For more information and to register for this conference please visit www.europeancancerforum.eu