Ifty Ahmed

Pow Health

Iftakhar Ahmed has over 16 years’ experience as chief strategist in high tier, full-service digital and performance marketing agencies. He has managed delivery of world-class global projects, created and run multiple agency teams, won and sustained senior client relationships for blue-chip brands including; Vodafone, Microsoft, Merck Sharp & Dohme, GSK, Reuters and Visa. Having co-founded and run an award-winning agency in the 1990s, Ifty became Head of Digital at IMG Media and Vivid Lime, before taking global responsibility for The Collinson Group as Global Head of Digital and Customer Engagement. Ifty founded Pow Health in March 2012 aiming to create a site offering the user a completely safe and secure and effortless way to manage ‘all your health in one place’.
Ifty is a creative technologist, passionate about empowering people so that they can better manage their health, support one another and help create better treatments for everyone. This is the focus behind Pow Health.