John Peter Mary Wubbe

Secretary General & Independent board member,

John Peter Mary Wubbe is a healthcare professional, have studied MSc European Public Health, specializing in Governance. Mr. Wubbe has created EuDiPPA to improve data governance. Mr Wubbe expertise lies in Genomics-Robotics-Informatics-Biometrics (GRIBs) and Phenotype and Genotype Datasets. He is deeply knowledgeable in the primary/secondary health care sectors. Mr. Wubbe sees mhealth as a key area in health and care, prompting him to start DocSWISS organization. Mr. Wubbe had multiple organ transplants and his experience as a patient made him passionate about peer-patient involvement within multistakeholder organizations.

Due to his expertise Mr. Wubbe chose to work at the European Patients Platform of Science and Industry. EPPOSI is a multistakeholder organization performing Rapid Health Technology Assessments and Health Impact Assessments. EPPOSI includes consumer-patients in its decision-making process. Mr. Wubbe sees the importance of including highly literate patient-citizens, as well as redefining disease diagnosis, which would add levels of ‘experienced frailty’, evaluating quality of life of a patient. He supports the decision-making process within the organization, which operates in a matrix-like fashion, for all stakeholders to find the best value choices within health and care. Within the EPPOSI projects patient-citizens remain the owners of their data IP. Throughout his work and educational experience he realized that the public health system would collapse unless the current paradigm changes and those changes are implemented.