WEBINAR – IMI Get Real: Launch PragMagic – An Innovative Tool to Assist Pragmatic Trial Design

8th June, 2017 – 14.30-15.30 CET


Rick Grobbee
Professor of Clinical Epidemiology,
University Medical Center Utrecht

Iris Goetz
Research Advisor Epidemiology,
Global Health Outcomes,
Eli Lilly

Evert Hoogendoorn
Strategist and gamedesigner,

Mira Zuidgeest
Assistant Professor,
University Medical Center Utrecht

PragMagic is a decision support tool for pragmatic trial design, developed in collaboration with serious gaming company IJsfontein. In a user-friendly (and dare we say fun) way, PragMagic gives insight into the possible consequences of more pragmatic trial design choices and operational challenges on generalisability, validity, precision, stakeholder & ethical acceptability and operational feasibility. The tool aims to support trial design teams to maximise generalisability of trial findings to the routine care setting of interest while ensuring validity and operational feasibility of the trial. Challenge yourself to make your trial as generalisable as possible!

In this webinar we’ll shortly introduce our view on pragmatic trials, discuss the forces at work that we captured in the tool and the game and usability of the design of the tool. We’ll finish with a demonstration of the tool.

In collaboration with

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