Mark Trusheim


Mark Trusheim is the Bio-manufacturing Executive in Residence at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and a member of the Massachusetts Bio-Manufacturing Roundtable. In 2004 as Interim President and Board Member of the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council, Mark began working with the University of Massachusetts to develop public, private collaborations as part of an integrated strategy to advance biomanufacturing in the region. Since that time, Massachusetts has seen over $1.5B in public private investment in higher education capabilities and commercial biomanufacturing resulting in New England becoming the world’s largest biopharmaceutical manufacturing region and in 25% biomanufacturing employment growth over the past decade. The University of Massachusetts has helped catalyse the region by expanding the UMass Lowell Biomanufacturing Center, relocating the Massachusetts Biological Laboratories cGMP biologics production to a new facility, creating a Stem Cell Bank at the Medical School to produce and distribute stem cell lines, and constructing two facilities at UMass Dartmouth, a $25M scale-up biomanufacturing facility and a BSL-3 cGMP capable, production suite in its Botulinum Research Center.

As an entrepreneur, Mark founded and was the first President and CEO of the diagnostics company Cantata Laboratories. Prior to Cantata, Mark worked at Monsanto/Pharmacia, culminating his career there as Co-President and Chief Operating Officer of Cereon Genomics, LLC–a $500M collaboration with Millennium Pharmaceuticals. Mark is also President of Co-Bio Consulting and is a former Special Government Employee for the FDA’s Office of the Commissioner. Mark holds degrees in Chemistry from Stanford University and Management from the MIT Sloan School of Management, where he also currently holds an appointment as a Visiting Scientist