Paolo Daniele Siviero

Head of Office Pharmaceutical Policy,
Italian Medicines Agency

Dr Siviero is Coordinator of the “Economic Strategy and Pharmaceutical Policy” area that consists of departments responsible for pharmaceutical policy, pricing reimbursement, medicines utilization and HTA and consultative bodies secretariat He is also the Head of the Pharmaceutical Policy department of the Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA). The main objective of the Pharmaceutical Policy department is to perform and evaluate studies and research on the pharmaceutical sector, The primary objective is to supervise the main activities of the Agency in the economic field and to define the pricing and reimbursement scheme for new pharmaceutical products, taking into account the analysis of other European agencies.

As coordinator of the “Economic Strategy and Pharmaceutical Policy” department, Mr. Siviero is responsible for anticipating and analyzing critical aspects relating to the sustainability of the National Health System, concerning the pharmaceutical sector. During his career, Mr. Siviero has cooperated with the National Research Council, in particular with the research Institute of neurobiology and molecular medicine (INMM), regarding the development of issues such as the technological transfer, knowledge management and the economical valorization of results obtained through research. Mr. Siviero has also been CEO in companies dealing with communication and public relations in the health sector.