Richard Barker, OBE
Founding Director, CASMI

Richard is a leader in rethinking the medical innovation process. As head of the UK pharmaceutical industry association (ABPI) he formed the Athenaeum Group, with leaders of the major UK and European regulators, to develop a more streamlined and flexible model for drug development. He subsequently founded the Oxford-UCL academic group CASMI (Centre for the Advancement of Sustainable Medical Innovation) which has worked with IMI, the UK Government and the Wellcome Trust to advance adaptive pathways of development, and other strategies to overcome the gaps in translation in biomedical innovation.

He is also chair of the Health Innovation Network of South London, the charity International Health Partners and the company Image Analysis; he is a member of the board of Celgene.

His OUP book ‘2030 The Future of Medicine – Avoiding a Medical Meltdown’ has recently been followed by a second ‘Bioscience – Lost in Translation?’ on the subject of CASMI’s work.