WEBINAR: Addressing Geopolitical Challenges to the Price of Medicines

26 October, 4pm-5.15pm UK

About the webinar:

Innovative health technologies are often enthusiastically viewed as game changers however their costs are sharply criticised. Take, for example, CAR T-Cell therapy, which has a price of up to 500,000 euro per person. This raises many questions. For example, what is a fair price for a medicine? How should the price be related to the effectiveness or the number of end-users? What about the risks taken by the company to get the therapy to market? What about the risks taken by the end-user who use the medicine? And what about the risks taken by the payer? Is it unrealistic to think that there is a solution that would be fair to all stakeholders? And how can we ensure that the whole system is financially sustainable in the long term?



Carin Uyl-De Groot
Director, Institute for Medical Technology Assessment,
Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management, The Netherlands
Yannis Natsis
Manager Universal Access,
European Public Health Alliance (EPHA)
John LaMattina
Healthcare Contributor,
Joe Damond
Deputy Chief of Policy & EVP, International Affairs
Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO

Ken Redekop

Donald RJ Singer
Fellowship of Postgraduate Medicine

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