DIA Bioventure Day

28 March 2017, Crown Plaza Glasgow, UK

DIA puts BioVentures in context!

DIA is excited to convene its 1st BioVenture Day. With the broad participation of many senior international health care experts, you will have a direct impact to improve Europe’s Biotech and Venture capital sectors for patients, investors, innovators, and practitioners.

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March 28th 2017

8:00 Registration & Welcome Coffee
8:30 – 9:40 Welcome Remarks

Holger G Adelmann, Senior VP and Managing Director, DIA EMEA, Switzerland
Kerry Sharp, Head Scottish Investment Bank, UK

8:45 Keynote: Success Factors For Bringing A Product To The Market

Helga Ruebsamen-Schaeff, Chair Of The Board, Aicuris, Germany

9:10 Session 1: Health System Financing And Reimbursement Of Innovation

Session 1 will set the scene for most of the day by exploring key challenges that the biotech-ecosystem, pharmaceutical innovators, and ultimately the patients that are expecting innovative cures are facing nowadays. Key stakeholders from the biotech industry, regulatory/payer area, and research in the economic & scientific policy field will share their recent insights and perspectives.

  • Europe’s flawed and underfunded Biotech-ecosystem (EBE position paper)
    Barbara Freischem, Executive Director, European Biopharmaceutical Enterprises (EBE), Belgium
  • Is Parallel Micro-Innovation Overburdening the Health Care System?
    Luca Pani, CHMP Member, former AIFA, Italy
  • Links between Pharmaceutical R&D Models and Access to Affordable Medicines
    Wija Oortwijn, Partner / Manager Sector Health, Ecorys (lead researcher of a recent EU Parliament publication), The Netherlands
10:40 Coffee Break
11:00 Session 2: Innovative Funding Models

Session 2 will review innovative ways to fund private and public enterprises and to ensure patients with rare diseases are not being forgotten. Experienced Investors will share different approaches to fund innovative cure.

  • Funding Private & Public Enterprises
    Joep Muijrers, Partner, Life Science Partners, USA
  • Crowdfunding
    Emily Crossley, co-founder and joint CEO, Duchenne, UK
  • Funding Innovation
    EU Investment Bank, Speaker invited
  • Megafunds: Concept Introduction & Discussion
    Dimitrios Athanasiou, Duchenne Patient Advocate; Patient expert, European Medicines Agency, European Union
12:30 Presentation & Discussion: EMA Health Care Pipeline White Spots Analysis – Opportunities for Bio-Ventures?

Agnès Saint Raymond, Head of International Affairs, European Medicines Agency, European Union

This presentation & discussion will be a rich source of inspiration for all health care stakeholders.

13:15 Lunch
14:00 Case Study Panel Discussion: Hepatitis C: Expensive Cure Versus Life-Long Suffering And Health Care Expenses

Moderator: Helga Ruebsamen-Schaeff, Chair of the Board, AiCuris, Germany


  • Regulator and Payer View: Luca Pani, CHMP Member, former AIFA, Italy
  • Academia View: John Dillon, Professor of Hepatology, Dundee University, UK
  • Venture Capitalist Perspective: Joep Muijrers, Partner, Life Science Partners, USA
  • Industry View: Representative invited
  • Patient View: Tamas Bereczky, Communications Officer, European AIDS Treatment Group, Hungary
  • HTA Body View: Ailsa Brown, Lead Health Economist, Scottish Medicines Consortium, UK
  • Payer View: Menno Aarnout, Executive Director, AIM, Belgium
15:30 Coffee Break
16:00 Case Study Panel Discussion: Immuno-Oncology: Therapeutic Break Through Area Or Nightmare For Health Care Funding

Moderator: Duane Schulthess, Managing Director, Vital Transformation, Belgium


  • Regulator View: Tomas Salmonson, CHMP Chair, MPA, Sweden
  • Academia View: Stefan Symeonides, Edinburg Cancer Research Centre, UK
  • Product Partnership Perspective: Wolfgang Stoiber, Managing Director, JSB-Partners, USA
  • Biotech View: Mariola Soehngen, CEO, Mologen, Germany
  • Companion Diagnostics View: Kamala Maddali, Cancer Genetics Inc., USA
  • Big Pharma View: Alexander Roediger, Policy Lead – Oncology for EMEA & Canada, MSD, Switzerland
  • Patient View: Bettina Ryll, Founder, Melanoma Patient Network Europe, Sweden
  • HTA Body View: Alan Macdonald, Vice Chair, Scottish Medicines Consortium, UK
  • Payer View: Menno Aarnout, Executive Director, AIM, Belgium
17:30 Networking Reception & Moderated Poster Discussion

Poster Moderators:

  • Joep Muijrers, Partner, Life Science Partners, USA
  • David Haerry, Member of Board of Directors, European AIDS Treatment Group, Belgium

Topics for posters:

  • BioVenture success stories
  • BioVenture hurdles and how to overcome them
  • New BioVenture Business Plans
19:30 End of the event

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