Early Bird: Ever closer Union for cancer patients? How to facilitate access to clinical trials across borders

7 February, 2022 – 8.30-9.00 CET

Participating in a clinical trial for a new medicine can be the ultimate hope for cancer patients. However, access to clinical trials across borders often remains challenging, even in the European Union: patients are vulnerable and often face high costs, language and cultural challenges, and patients and clinicians must deal with additional legal uncertainties.

The good news is that there is broad consensus amongst European institutions, researchers and their networks, and cancer patients that enabling patients’ access to clinical trials across borders is important. Also, and at just one year old, Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan presents an opportunity to facilitate cross-country clinical trials.

Considering the political will and momentum in Europe, what are practical challenges for patients and researchers to enable more cross-border participation? How can Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan facilitate better legislative, administrative, and regulatory frameworks? What are best practices that can help to find solutions fast enough for patients in need of access to treatments now?



Ingrid Klingmann,
Chairman, European Forum for Good Clinical Practice (EFGCP)

Jan Geissler,
Founder and CEO, Patvocates

Duane Schulthess
Managing Director
Vital Transformation

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