Investing in EU Biotech IP – What Works?

4 December 2018 – 2.00-3.00pm CET, 8.00-9.00am ET

A Vital Transformation led consortium including Pfizer, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Medtrack by Informa investigated the relationship between public funding and private investment into new innovative therapies and the supporting system of Intellectual Property (IP). The results were released at the 2018 edition of the European Health Forum Gastein.

The project developed original research that identified the success factors that create high-value EU biotech companies and the role of IP in creating an ecosystem where investors are willing to lose everything 92% of the time, in order to fund the 8% of medical breakthroughs that occasionally succeed.


Duane Schulthess
Managing Director
Vital Transformation

Patrica Giglio
Content Manager

Eva Grut-Aandahl
Vice President, European Government Affairs

Patrick Kilbride
Senior Vice President, Global Innovation Policy Center
U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Topics of discussion

  • The drivers of success that impact high-growth biotech companies (highlights of the research results)
  • The data used in the research
  • The current gap emerging between EU and US IP productivity in healthcare
  • The need for IP in the global biotech sector

Slides & Video

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